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Mengenal Lebih Dekat Hayatmin Finalis Mister Supranational Singapore 2020


Nama : Muhammad Hayatmin Bin Redwan
Nama Panggilan : Hayatmin
Tempat tgl lahir : Singapore, 20 Jan 1995
Pendidikan : Associate Engineer
Hobby : Gym, Photography, Piano
Motto : “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”
Prestasi Akademik :
1. Temasek Polytechnic

Prestasi Non Akademik :
1. Mr World finalist 2019, Subsidiary award winner – Mr Zealous
2. Atrika Dance Company 2016 – 2018
3. Valedictorian in Secondary School (Balestier Hill Secondary School) 2013

1. Ceritakan sosok kamu seperti apa ?

I am a friendly, easy going person who aspires to be successful in life for the things i’m passionate about such as commercial modelling. I am ever grateful whenever opportunity presents itself for me to seize and grow from the experience. I hope to share and to be a role model for the people especially younger generations to be their authentic selves in their future.


2. Apa motivasi kamu mengikuti Mister Supranational Singapore 2020?

Being in a pageant doesn’t necessarily mean about looking good confidently externally but internally as well. Being your authentic self should be the best representation of you as a person. Everyone has a story to share, and it takes courage to present and share to the world your own truth – something that is not taught in school.

Pada pendapat saya, keyakinan diri adalah salah satu rahsia kunci yang membenarkan seseorang capai impian mereka.

3. Fitness atau Gym saat ini bukan lagi sebagai tempat untuk membentuk body tapi juga membantu untuk mendapatkan gaya hidup sehat, bagaimana pendapat kamu?

I would like to believe that fitness holistically boost your mental and physical strength. It shapes people lifestyle to be happy and also to test one limits and capability and should not let laziness be in the way for being your best self. Saya berpegang pada prinsip yang teguh, menjaga kesihatan fizikal dapat meningkatkan daya ketahan mental dan juga kekuatan fizikal , Ia akan membentuk gaya hidup seseorang lebih positif.

4. Seberapa sering kamu berlatih fitness, pernahkah mengalami cidera dan bagaimana kamu mengatasinya?

I started gymming properly during my National Service time. I gym for about 4-5 days per week. As for me im thankful I didn’t experience any injuries. Possibly only minor injuries like muscle tear but not a serious injury because I always practise safety of what I can do and what I cannot do. Its important to know your maximum potential without pushing your body beyond what it can do. Sometimes you need to listen to your body too.

Ia adalah penting untuk mejaga diri dari segi fizikal supaya tidak mengalami kecederaan, kerana ia akan mengambil masa yang lama untuk sembuh dan pada masa yang sama akan menjejas perkembangan kita.


5. Sebagai seseorang pengiat fitness, bisakah kamu berbagi pengalaman bagaimana mendapatkan body ideal dan apakah ada program khusus atau menu makanan yang harus diperlukan?

Honestly im blessed with good genes and its easier for me to stay lean and have defined body as for now. Lets don’t jinx it okay! HAHAH! However I also watch what I eat and I usually skip desserts whenever I can. I always enjoy eating vegetables since young and its something i have no problems with.

Always practice the energy input = energy output so whatever you eat is what you need to burn or exercise for. Practise moderation eating of unhealthy and healthy so you can enjoy your food instead of eating for the sake of it. If food makes you happy just like me, you should try do moderation eating.

6. Di jaman era digital, orang dengan bebasnya mengakses sosial media dan berpendapat, pernahkah kamu mendapatkan bullying dan bagaimana kamu mengatasinya?

Thankfully I don’t experience serious cyber bullying because I always practise self-awareness in what I post. What you post on the internet will stay as long as they can remember and you are always known for what you post on the net. Its best to not having reaction to what they say because they always demand for reaction so don’t give what they want. Silence doesn’t define weakness but it sure doesn’t start any problem.

Harus selalu berwaspada dengan apa yang kita memuat naikkan di laman sosial media dan belajar hindari dari commentar yang jelek dan reaksi yang negative.

7. Jika kamu terpilih sebagai Mister Supranational Singapore 2020 dan mewakili Singapore di Mister Supranational 2021 persiapan apa yang akan kamu lakukan?

As for me I want to be the best version of myself be it inner and outer beauty in terms of physique and the way I portray myself on how I speak. I will of course mind what I eat and train harder to be the version of myself. I will also read up a lot and practice talking about issues such as mental health struggles and being a role model to the younger generations.


8. Pernahkah kamu mengalami kegagalan dan bagaimana cara kamu untuk bangkit kembali?

Yes of course because everyone goes through failure in life be it love, work or even school. It’s important to have good support system from family and friends so they can pick you up and move on to be better and have courage. Sometimes its best to stay down just so to have perspective of things and take your time to build yourself. No rushing when it comes to recovery because it’s a journey of yours.

9. Siapa sosok yang kamu favoritkan dan membuat kamu menjadi seperti sekarang ini?

One of my favourite role model is actually Selena Gomez because she started the scene very young and she been through a lot of struggles be it health and emotionally. As an emotional person myself I can get affected easily by things I cared and sometimes it disrupt my performance of being the best I can be. She’s a good example of being rare and authentic.

Another role model is Theodor Seuss “Ted” Geisel known as Dr Seuss who is a an author, political cartoonist. Im a dreamer myself and I like how he created an illustration where it has wonderful messages at the end of the story plot. One example is the movie Lorax where the climate change is affected and how modern world is taking over mother nature. It ended off with a message “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

10. Seluruh dunia sekarang sedang dilanda wabah virus corona covid19, menurut kamu sebagai anak muda Singapore apa yang harus kamu lakukan agar wabah tersebut segera berlalu?

Everyone is affected by corona virus and different people suffer different aspects such as financially, mentally and even socially. For financially, its best to save the money you earn or even invest your money because now the economy is the lowest it can ever be and it’s good to have money for emergency. For mentally, its best to keep up with your fitness or get your heart pumping by moving around so you won’t get too caught up in your head.

For socially, thankfully its 2020 and digital platform are readily available to catch up with your friends via video call. Its best to abide the the law and protect yourself and your loved ones by sanitising and avoiding crowded places.

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