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Mengenal Lebih Dekat Sauffi Finalis Mister Supranational Singapore 2020

Nama : Sauffi A
Nama Panggilan : Sauffi or ‘Selfie’
Tempat tgl lahir : Singapore, 18 August 1994
Pendidikan : Currently working & continuing studies at Singapore University of Social Sciences
Hobby : Cook, Explore the world, Hit the gym
Motto : “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you.”
Prestasi Akademik :
1. Singapore Polytechnic

Prestasi Non Akademik :
1. Cleo Eligible Bachelor Finalist 2019
2. Manhunt Singapore Finalist 2016

1. Ceritakan sosok kamu seperti apa ?
I’m an easy-going person.
Normally I will put myself in other’s shoes so that I can view things not only from one’s perspective and try to understand how a person facing such difficulties in their shoes.
Initially, I was kind of an introvert type back then. However, after gaining such confidence in taking part in various pageant, I can say it helped me to boost up my confidence to be an extrovert.
I love to plan beforehand so that in case of any mishaps happens, there will always be a backup plan ready.


2. Apa motivasi kamu mengikuti Mister Supranational Singapore 2020?
Well as a part-time model myself, I have to be ever ready in terms of my physique shape and having a polish attitude. Over time, I tend to get demoralized due to some unsuccessful gig, hence ill go to the extent of making myself happy to enjoy all the junk food that I’ve not been able to eat. Thankfully by joining Mister Supranational Singapore and seeing the winners from other countries as well helped me to more motivated than ever so that I could also influence and motivate others who will be joining the next Mister Supranational Singapore in the future. It would also mean the world to me to be able to participate in one of the grand slam pageants. Therefore I am 100% beyond committed and will thrive to win Mister Supranational Singapore 2020 so that I can represent my country and at the same time showing how beautiful Singapore is during Mister Supranational Finals in Poland.

3. Fitness atau Gym saat ini bukan lagi sebagai tempat untuk membentuk body tapi juga membantu untuk mendapatkan gaya hidup sehat, bagaimana pendapat kamu?
Well, I have to say it is true. Initially, I started going to the gym to de-stress myself from young. I find it as an avenue to let all my anger out especially during my younger times when I got bullied. Whenever I’m feeling down or wanting to de-stress, I would hit the gym. It eases off my mind hence preventing my mind to overthink which promotes a clearer and healthier mind.

4. Seberapa sering kamu berlatih fitness, pernahkah mengalami cidera dan bagaimana kamu mengatasinya?
I’ve been exercising ever since the ending of high school. Since now I’m working it gets even tougher due to hectic schedule. On a less busy week, I will train 5 days per week and 2 days rest. For days that I am busy, ill tend to train at least thrice per week. Thank god I did not have any severe cases of injuring myself due to gym. Normally I train alone and I will place my ego aside by lifting light but more reps. I know some people will judge, but safety comes first. I do get minor injuries over time such as bleeding and bruising under the nail but it was bearable and heal over time.


5. Sebagai seseorang pengiat fitness, bisakah kamu berbagi pengalaman bagaimana mendapatkan body ideal dan apakah ada program khusus atau menu makanan yang harus diperlukan?
It all started when I tried to switch my diet. I go by the rule of 70% diet and 30% exercise. I’ve tried it and it works. Back then I thought hitting the gym is the only way of sculpturing my ideal physique. However, I was wrong. I started bit by bit. I prevent myself from eating fried food. That made a huge change in my physique. Apart from fried food, it is advisable to treat plain/mineral water as your number one drink. These two important diets have been religiously exercised by me ever since when I started wanting my ideal body shape. Personally, getting the ideal type of physique takes a strong will of determination. I still remember during that time when I am competing, it falls on one of the festive seasons. When it comes to the festive season, I’m sure that there will be a plethora spread of scrumptious foods. I have 2 options. Either I have to stay away from that delicious food or I will wash away all the gravy and eat them blandly. Guess which option did I choose?

6. Di jaman era digital, orang dengan bebasnya mengakses sosial media dan berpendapat, pernahkah kamu mendapatkan bullying dan bagaimana kamu mengatasinya?
Well yes definitely. Normally these type of bullies will tend to use a fake account and these bullies would not dare to show their real faces. Well as I mentioned, I do get bullied when I was young and I guess I managed to overcome it by ignoring them. What’s worst is that these social media bullies are so-called ‘haters’ and they are even too scared to reveal their true identity. So I guess its better not to be bothered by them and as the term says, ‘Haters gonna hate and potatoes gonna potate.’

7. Jika kamu terpilih sebagai Mister Supranational Singapore 2020 dan mewakili Singapore di Mister Supranational 2021 persiapan apa yang akan kamu lakukan?
I will brush up on my ability to speak well and have a healthy diet plan regime to prepare myself so that I can represent my beloved country at the best of my abilities.

8. Pernahkah kamu mengalami kegagalan dan bagaimana cara kamu untuk bangkit kembali?
Yes definitely. In life, I’m sure one has experience failure at a certain point in time. How do I overcome it I guess its either I learn from the mistakes or failure that I’ve experienced and seen how I could improve myself so that in future, I would not be experiencing the same situation. Moreover, I believe that sometimes the almighty has better plans for us if we fail at one particular task, who knows the next one will be a better achievement and more rewarding till to the extent that the almighty has planned out for everyone. So, don’t give up!


9. Siapa sosok yang kamu favoritkan dan membuat kamu menjadi seperti sekarang ini?
For local Artist wise, one of my favourites will be Dato’ Aaron Aziz. Even though he is not my direct uncle, I would say would like to follow his footsteps in acting in the overseas market. He’s a true inspiration.
For worldwide Artist, one of my favourites will be Daniel Radcliffe, lead actor in Harry Potter movies. He plays Harry Potter in such manner that how I was used to be treated with all the bullies that I had experienced back then and from then on managed to find lovable, wonderful friends who lift me up and from there we succeed together as one.

10. Seluruh dunia sekarang sedang dilanda wabah virus corona covid19, menurut kamu sebagai anak muda Singapore apa yang harus kamu lakukan agar wabah tersebut segera berlalu?
Well, I guess Covid19 does affect almost everyone, hence I think it is important to follow the rules implemented by the government. For example, it is a must to wear a mask and to also wear it properly. Limit gathering more than 5 pax is a must. Even though the gym is open, normally after every set of my gym training I will sanitize the machine after use. Even though it may seem to be such a small scale of action, I think if everyone plays a part, it can help to minimize or eradicate the spread of covid19.

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