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Mengenal Lebih Dekat Chan Win Sern Finalis Mister Supranational Malaysia 2021


Name: Chan Win Sern
Nick name : Win, Forest, Corgi
Date and place of birth : 3rd Dec 1989, Klang Selangor
Education: FIT Malaysia & KDU College(University)
Sri Lethia Klang (Secondary School)
ACS Klang( Primary School)
Hobby: Drawing/Anything art related, Bodybuilding, Cooking/Baking
Motto: If I Can’t, I Must, I Will
Academic achievement :
1. SPM Graduate
2. Diploma In Culinary Arts
3. ACE Certified Trainer

Non Academic Achievements:
1. Top 5 in WFF Thailand (2017)
2. Top 5 in Supermodel Universe MalaysiaMengenal-Lebih-Dekat-Chan-Win-Sern-Finalis-Mister-Supranational-Malaysia-2021

1. Tell me what kind of person you are?

In a nutshell, I’m half an introvert and extrovert. I do like to mix and mingle but, I’m very cautious when I meet people based on the energy they give me ?. I’m also that someone who does have the time to sit down to talk and listen to, provide the emotional support, to have a shoulder to cry on (in short, supportive), funny, and I’m the adventurous kind!

2. What is your motivation to join Mister Supranational Malaysia 2021?

Well, its 2021 currently, and I just finished Supermodel Universe Malaysia 2020. I was invited by a pageant director to try it out. And, quite frankly, I like a new challenge, considering its an online competition, there’s social distancing, and I like to have fun competing, take on new experiences and learn more about myself. Every pageant is a new learning experience, so, why not?

3. Fitness or Gym is no longer a place to build a body but also helps to get a healthy lifestyle, what do you think?

*I FULLY SUPPORT THIS COMMENT*Why? Because we do want to live a longer age, be free of health risks and it makes us happier (physically, mentally and emotionally)! Think of it, if you think a million dollars that can make you happy, but what happens if you end up sick/hospitalised/dead one day? That 1 million dollar experience is going to cut you short!


4. How often do you practice fitness, have you experienced injuries and how do you deal with them?

I practise at least 5-6x a week, mostly between 45-90 minutes, tops. My injuries range (based on experience) from back pains to neck discomforts. So, what I normally do is the following for muscle recovery is SMR/Self Myofacial Release (Muscle Release), Cryotherapy (Cold Pack or the Cryosauna at -100C) and loads of stretching. Hey, it works for me and everyone should do it too!

5. As a fitness enthusiast, can you share your experiences on how to get your ideal body and are there any special programs or food menus that you should need?

Well, it starts with the mindset first. Like for me, the reason why I got his body was to build confidence back in highschool. Face it, everyone has to have that mindset that says, I have to have that body, but for what____? .Without it, you’ll be tirelessly heading to the gym like going to the hamster wheel: Doing things endlessly and be dead bored. And, when I built this body, it was more old school, Arnold Schwarzenegger type of programs that got me started and continued.

Coupled with cardio programs like cycling/swimming are my favorites and cryotherapy for extra calorie burning properties.

Food intake , I had my highs and lows, especially coming from a food background. During my bodybuilding competitions, I go for the typical low sodium, high protein, low carb type diets which drives me nuts(but hey, it did produce result!). As for my maintainence phase, I’d like to experiment with foods especially with continental cuisines, but, emphasis more on the vegetables!

6. In the digital era, people freely access social media and have opinions, have you ever been bullied and how have you dealt with it?

I did. It was back in Form 5, I do recall my secondary school year (when Facebook was in, Friendster was almost dead),where there was a photo of me and my classmates. And in the photo, there was a caption that said *Last year of Highschool with unknown on the Right side* (The reference was , I was the person on the right, and it was an audacity to dismiss me.)

Initially, I was kind of pissed because I wasn’t expected to have this kind of comment, however, looking back until now, all I have to do was to move forward and be better. I know its weird to be giving this answer, but, the reason why is because I have my own battles to fight.

Cyberbullies come from a place where they may not know what’s it like to be in the victims shoes nor know how to comprehend certain problem, hence its easy to just provoke and incite hate with a push of a button and a text.

7. If you were selected as Mister Supranational Malaysia 2020 and represented Malaysia in Mister Supranational 2021, what preparation would you do?

If I was selected , what I would prepare would be my wardrobe(Basically, my clothing choices are limited as presentation is everything)?, but, my main thing I will be presenting is a voice, a platform for future kids; especially, growing up as a bullied kid/teen who happens to be chubby, it was not easy.

Have you ever felt like no one really helped you to stand up against bullies, or, made good food choices growing up? No! There was little to no experience on standing up against bullies(there was no books on how to handle bullying), food nutrition for kids/teens was nonexistent inside our Physical Education books during primary/secondary school years either. So, I want to use this platform to inspire future kids and teens to grow up healthy, to be a better version of themselves, and to stand up against bullies! Cause, lets face it, childhood obesity is not a joke!


8. Have you ever experienced failure and how do you get back up?

Which kind of failures? Physical? Mental? Hm…This is tough, but, I can share my recent ones. It was a bodybuilding competition back in 2018, where I did not place at all. It was tough, because I have worked hard, and driving back from the competition venue, I was really crying inside and out, emotionally drained, couldn’t figure out what went wrong.

So, I had to confide to a bodybuilding friend of mine about this, to which she provided a golden advice: Winning isn’t everythings, competitions aren’t about winning, its about discovering who you are and how you can grow to be a better individual. If competitions is all about winning, then, you are not having fun at all.

Another advice was to cry it all off, figure out what to achieve next, and move on forwards; losing may be a badge of misfortune, but it will remind us on how to get us better in the next battlefield

9. Who is your favorite person who made you who you are today?

I have 2. One who has inspired and shaped me physically(Stan Mcquay), the other one who has shaped me mentally, especially to have a strong foundation to be a man, and have rights and common sense(My Dad).

Stan Mcquay is a half Scottish, half Japanese bodybuilder who is well known for his abs, and I remember seeing him in a Muscle & Health magazine in 2006/2008. Immediately, that was my first inspiration/go to physique I wanted to approach to.

As for my dad, he’s the kind of Asian Dad I aspire to be. The no nonsense, empathic kind, strict(but in an Asian parenting kind that is loving, but, may be mis-translated as child abuse to some[P.S: Joking on this description part]), great in cooking and takes the time to educate kind of dad.

10. The whole world is currently being hit by the corona covid19 virus outbreak. In your opinion, as a young Malaysian, what should you do so that the outbreak will soon pass?

For me, this is a catch 22, considering A. I’m a cryotherapist, physiotherapist in practice, and B. I do meet clients face to face for appointments. So, what I can do is basically is; minimising my outings, wear a face mask when going out, update myself on knowledge(by reading the news, listening to podcasts) and sharing tangible knowledge from legitimate doctors, and do get vaccinated. These steps may not look easy, but, it takes baby steps to achieve 1 thing at a time, and we can see the numbers grow slowly.

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